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Developing the next generation of STEM leaders and innovators.

CareerInSTEM offers STEM career exploration resources and career training programs for students and educators.

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Key Features

Aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards

              Rich, online learning environments enhanced by community, business, and educational partnerships.

              Inquiry-based constructivist approach with a focus on learning by doing

             All programs developed and facilitated by licensed STEM educators

CareerInSTEM is owned and operated by Greater Good Consultants LLC, working for the greater good in STEM education since 2012.

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Our Team


Ashley Pereira, MS Ed.

Founder and CEO

I work with many teachers and principals, and one thing I hear time and time again is that they want to do more for career exploration, especially in STEM, but simply do not have enough time. I created CareerInSTEM in response to the frustrations I experienced as a STEM major in college, as a K-12 science teacher, and now as a parent. It is my hope that in providing these resources, a STEM career will be within reach for any student in America.

Read more about Ashley here.

Mohammed Hashi

Director of Development

Mr. Hashi holds a Bachelor of Applied Science from Cairo University, and is skilled in web development, community outreach, and defining and solving organizational needs.

Eubelle Gonzales

Graphic Designer


Why STEM Careers?

Only 16% of American high school seniors are interested in a STEM career, and only about half of those who major in a STEM field choose to work in a related career (U.S. Dept. Of Education, 2015). Despite the well-documented need for early STEM career exposure and exploration (NRC, 2011), few tools exist to foster such interactions. Furthermore, there is a large interest and achievement gap among many groups in STEM, and minorities are seriously underrepresented in many STEM fields (NSF, 2013). These pervasive barriers limit subsequent participation in many well-paid, high-growth professions, and deprive the nation of the full benefit of these diverse talents and perspectives (President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, 2011). The CareerInSTEM project will address the high demand (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010) and current shortage of STEM workers (Maltese & Tai, 2011), and will equip diverse learners with the knowledge needed for a meaningful, rewarding future as a STEM professional.

Furthermore, 73% of adults are not in a career directly related to their college major (Abel & Dietz, 2015), student loan debt is at an all-time high (Cochrane & Cheng, 2016), and less than 35% of Americans are happy in their jobs (Saad, 2012). Could these massive outpourings of time, effort, and money be refocused to create a more positive and productive direction for our post-high school lives? The answer is yes, and can be found within CareerInSTEM – an innovative new educational platform to develop the future STEM workforce.

CareerInSTEM Solution

The overarching goal of the CareerInSTEM project is to increase the number of students that choose to enter STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) careers. The heart of this project is to show students the STEM that surrounds them, encouraging the transfer of critical thinking and applied learning of STEM content and employability skills from the classroom to the unique and personal interests of each individual. CareerInSTEM will turn every environment into a STEM learning environment rife with Career and Technical Education (CTE) connections to prepare, inform, and inspire a highly individualized career and technical education experience unlike anything that currently exists – from preschool and beyond!