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Anindya Martadarma

About Anindya Martadarma As a young woman in STEM I know what it takes to succeed, and I look forward to guiding you along the path to your future STEM career, today! EDUCATION: Economics Major at Baruch College. NYC CURRENT POSITION: Business and Community Development Manager at Career In STEM AREAS OF EXPERTISE: health care, economics, […]

Mansidak Singh

About Mansidak Singh I am an aspiring astronaut passionate about Astrophysics. I recently founded Voyager Space Outreach that aims to promote the interest of Space exploration and Astronomy among people from all around the world. I have extensive training in peer-to-peer mentoring and look forward to working with you to make life Interplanetary & Interstellar! EDUCATION: [...]

Briana Hernandez

About Briana Hernandez Are you interested in learning how your passion for the arts can connect with a lucrative career in STEM? Then I am the Career Coach for you! I have technical training in electronics technology and am also a professional writer – I look forward to sharing my experiences with you to find […]

Ashley Pereira

About Ashley Pereira   STEM is not the discrete topics of science, technology, engineering and math. It is a mindset through which we process and understand our world. As a licensed K-12 STEM educator and certified Career Coach, I have ten years experience in helping you get what you want out of life. EDUCATION: BS in Animal [...]