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Your future STEM career, today.


 STEM professions are in high demand, and offer some of the most lucrative salaries available. Is your school providing you with the personalized STEM career training you need? If not, Career Pathways Academy is your solution!


Have you met with your guidance counselor lately? Chances are they don’t even know your name, and if they do, they are too overwhelmed to give you the help and career guidance you need. Career Pathways Academy is a flexible online learning platform customized for you - learn what you want, when you want!

Designed for teens interested in STEM careers, Career Pathways Academy provides the training, tools, and people you need to succeed in your future STEM career, today!

Here's what some of our students are saying...

“I am learning things I have never learned in schools, which is what I was hoping for in this course. Thanks!”
Nelson, Career Pathways Academy student

"Its really a thought provoking course.”
Aimen, Career Pathways Academy student

“I liked the hands-on activities we did where the assignments required us to use materials around our own house to create something to complete the work. I like that type of thing because it’s original and you don’t see those types of homework assignments given out in real school. Also I feel like that type of work can give a student a deeper understanding of the subject.”
2017 Space Student

“Its well organized and a systematic way for me to discover my career options. I like the way it is presented in simple terms I can understand. the course has been easy to navigate, I need to make only a few clicks to get to the next part. I write my answers to small questions right here in the course. The feedback comes back really fast too. The exercises were easy to do and pretty useful.”
Brinda, 2018 Career Pathways Academy Top User