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 STEM professions are in high demand, and offer some of the most lucrative salaries available. Is your school providing you with the personalized STEM career training you need? If not, Career Pathways Academy is your solution!


Have you met with your guidance counselor lately? Chances are they don’t even know your name, and if they do, they are too overwhelmed to give you the help and career guidance you need. Career Pathways Academy is a flexible online learning platform customized for you - learn what you want, when you want!

Get the STEM career training you need to succeed from experts in the field. Don't just learn it, DO it!

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FREE RESOURCES: Hundreds of free STEM career exploration resources to help you find the perfect STEM career. >>START FREE! 

CERTIFICATION COURSES: Complete a career training module, then prove your skills through a hands-on project. >>VIEW COURSES

One-on-One Career Coaching with a STEM expert. Available by invitation only to currently enrolled Career Pathways Academy students.

Internships: Hone your STEM career skills and expertise as an intern! Available by invitation only to select Career Pathways Academy students.

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Career In STEM experts are here to serve as your mentor and guide Click Here to meet them!