Is your STEM pipeline Leaky?



STEM jobs are growing faster than ever, and your list of open positions seems to be growing by the day. High schools are not producing enough qualified grads, and baby boomers are retiring in mass. You want to connect with area schools to start building a talent pipeline, but you just don't have time.



If you are a STEM-related company looking to connect with local entry-level talent, Career In STEM is your solution! We have thousands of educators and students across the country looking to connect with STEM companies in their community. Explore the options below to see how we can help.

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Connect with your future workforce


Building awareness and connections are the first steps in mending your leaky STEM pipeline.

a. Communicate your company news and showcase your work with a guest blog post

b. Sponsor a career page

Cultivate a relationship

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Relationships are key to a positive staff culture. Start building yours today!

a. Fill out the job shadow/internship opportunity form above to join our community

b. Sponsor a Career Certification course

Generate interest in STEM careers within your company


Area middle and high schools are untapped talent hotbeds, and educators are looking for resources about local STEM careers to share with their students:

  • Custom STEM Career Guide (coming soon!)
  • Digital apprenticeships (coming soon!)