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Save big on our curricula and bundles! Jam-packed with fun, aligned with the NGSS. Perfect for classroom teachers, after school programs, and homeschoolers.



Grab and go lesson plans, games, and posters. Quick, easy, fun, and aligned with the NGSS. Spare yourself the hassle and prep – just download and go!



STEM jobs are some of the most in-demand positions available. Engage your students in STEM career exploration with one of our interactive workshops today!

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It’s not about changing your curriculum, it’s about changing your focus. Learn how to integrate STEM careers into your program.

“I am a STEM teacher and love this resource! It provides my students with real life applications and jobs that they could pursue in the future.”
Stephanie P., STEM Teacher

“So often students default to careers they are familiar with. CareerInSTEM exposes students to many different careers, and encourages them to think outside the nurse/lawyer/vet box. Plus I love that everything is aligned with the NGSS. It helps me to view the standards from a different lens and make my lessons more relevant for students.”
Don, 7th Grade Science Teacher


Don’t just learn it, do it! Using Career In STEM, students are engaged in hands-on-STEM career exploration activities


CareerInSTEM resources are designed by certified STEM educators in partnership with classroom teachers and STEM professionals


All activities and resources are aligned with the NGSS to seamlessly integrate into any existing STEM curriculum


Using a simple responsive website, CareerInSTEM resources are easily available, highly scalable, virtual, and cost-efficient