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Now Hiring! Whether you are an early career STEM professional or a seasoned expert, you can make a difference in the lives of teens around the world. Read below to learn more about joining our team as a Career Coach:


  • Dedicated and passionate STEM professionals
  • Bachelor’s Degree (or higher) in any discipline of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics
  • Interest in working with teens
  • Belief in the capability of each and every student to succeed


  • Work one-on-one with teens enrolled in Career Pathways Academy, acting as a guide and mentor within your field of expertise
  • We provide everything you need – curriculum, projects, rubrics, online learning platform, training, and support
  • Get paid up to $40 per student (for less than an hour worth of work!)


  • Whenever and wherever you want!
  • Flexible schedule
  • 100% online (remote)
  • Set your own availability


  • There will be 1 million new jobs in STEM in the next 3 years – help the future STEM workforce prepare now
  • Research shows mentorship and guidance are essential for success in STEM fields, especially among females and minority populations
  • Give back and get involved in your community
  • Gain experience as a mentor and hone leadership skills
  • Earn extra money!

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Get matched with students who need your expertise. Earn extra money as you help them using our expert-developed resources and proven system.



Beginner and Intermediate Courses: $20 per student ($30 for referrals)

Advanced Courses: $30 per student ($40 for referrals)


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