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Free videos, simulations, and downloadable info sheets for 60+ STEM careers. View by alphabetical (A-Z) or area of interest.


New posts every week featuring a Career Close Up with free resources to learn more about the STEM career of the week.


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All the student resources above are also available to any educator! Perfect to enhance classroom instruction, or as part of a genius hour, makerspace, flex time, club, or after school program.


Check out our growing assortment of free lessons and educational materials. From a full 5E lesson plan to a free e-book, there is something for everyone!

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Add rigor and relevance to your NGSS lessons with STEM career exploration! 40+ STEM careers aligned with NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas.

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Learn how I achieved massive gains in student interest, engagement, and achievement in STEM by incorporating careers in my curriculum, without extra work!

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