Our fundraising program lets you raise money by having fun in rich online STEM learning programs – pretty cool!

Fundraisers are available for any online STEM program, any time, anywhere!


$20 per student that enrolls in a CareerInSTEM program. No minimums, no limits! Costs nothing to participate and earn – get cash for your organization, hassle free!


CareerInSTEM will handle all the legwork. None of the order forms, money collection, and selling typically associated with other fundraisers. Use our ready-made materials to spread the word, sign students up, and earn!

For every student that joins from your organization, CareerInSTEM will pay you $20! That’s more than 30% profit!

How It Works

Step 1

Let students know about CareerInSTEM programs

Step 3

Students have fun in rich online STEM programs

Step 4

We mail you a check at the conclusion of each STEM program

During checkout students name their school/organization. That’s how you get credit, and how we know where to mail the checks!

Ready to start your own CareerInSTEM fundraiser? Click here to sign up and get your FREE Fundraiser Kit!