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There are so many great things happening in STEM, right in your own community. But do you know about them? Most people don’t! We’ve spent months talking to people around the country, and the #1 thing people are looking for is a way to quickly and easily locate job shadow locations. Thus, our mission in 2019 is to build the Job Shadow Finder – a tool to connect teens with job shadow locations in STEM fields in cities across the USA.


  • Virtually all high schools and colleges require students to complete some type of job shadow experience before graduation
  • Despite this requirement, NO tool currently exists to help students find job shadow locations in STEM fields
  • Guidance counselors and teachers are overburdened and do not have time to search for job shadow locations, and students do not know where to start


Anyone! This is a perfect opportunity for teenage students (high school and college level) looking for volunteer hours or internship course credit. Boost your resume, gain experience, and earn awesome rewards and incentives! (details below) Also perfect for any adult looking to promote STEM education.

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We need your help in developing the Job Shadow Finder. Join us!

  1. Fill out the simple form to the left and let us know you are interested.
  2. Once accepted as a volunteer, conduct web research and email outreach to identify STEM companies that accept student job shadows in your city.
  3. Earn ‘points’ for each data entry you make, which can then be redeemed for letters of recommendation, t-shirts, LinkedIn endorsements, free online courses, resume help, even cash! (click to download incentive chart)
  4. As a contributor to the project, enjoy free access to the Job Shadow Finder tool that you help create, for life!

Know a company that hosts job shadows? Tell us about it HERE!