Job Shadow System

Ultimate Career Planning & Job Shadow System

Comprehensive Curriculum

Over the past decade I have noticed that there is no system to guide students and teachers through the career planning and job shadow experience – so we are making one!

The Ultimate Job Shadow System by Career In STEM® is the only curriculum on the market to guide students and teachers through creation and implementation of a comprehensive career development and job shadow program. The Ultimate Job Shadow System curriculum will grow to include ten 60-minute lesson plans to scaffold students through the career development and job shadowing process, as well as dozens of worksheets, handouts, templates, PowerPoint guides, etc. needed to successfully manage a career development program.

Job Shadow Finder Tool

As a truly comprehensive system, the curriculum also includes the Job Shadow Finder – the only online tool that exists to help students find and connect with local STEM companies. The Job Shadow Finder is an interactive, searchable database custom created for school districts by Career In STEM®. We do all the hard work of reaching out to companies in your community and curating responses to provide all the information an interested student (or their parent/educator) will need  to find and complete a job shadow experience (company name, location, STEM discipline, contact person name, email, and phone, needed forms, etc.). The Job Shadow Finder is searchable by distance from home address, city, and STEM discipline (ex: chemistry, aerospace, skilled trades, etc.), all within a student-friendly interface.

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