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Solve It! For Kids

Ever wonder how to map an underwater forest? Or what it takes to compose a symphony about space? Perhaps it would be fun to learn how we might one day communicate with astronauts on Mars? Or how people can restore their connection with water? And just what exactly would a  person take with them on […]

Technology Jobs of the Future

The job market evolves constantly. Fueled by the rapid growth of technology, industry demands critical 21st century skills. Today’s students must be prepared for jobs which do not yet exist. It is estimated that 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet (Institute for the Future, 2017). “New categories of […]

What is AR?

AR, an abbreviation for augmented reality, is a technology which adds imaginary elements into the real world for you to interact with. Augmented reality is sweeping across all industries including education, manufacturing, retail, sports, medical fields – it’s the future. To give you a sense of how AR can transform your surroundings into a virtual […]

GEAR UP Online Summer School

Online Conference for GEAR UP professionals August 10-12 Looking for resources and tools to help keep your GEAR UP students engaged and exploring – both from home and at school? Join your peers in an interactive 3-day professional development experience to learn, share, and help prepare for the new school year. Best of all, the […]

$600,000 grant for career exploration

U.S. Department of Education announces $600,000 challenge to advance technology education in rural high schools and prepare students for careers To be successful in careers of today and the future, students must be equipped with advanced technology skills. Yet many barriers exist, especially in rural communities.  One-third of American schools are located in rural areas. […]

Increasing Student Awareness of STEM Careers

Ever heard of a nematologist? Hydrologist? There are SO many different STEM careers, and exposure and awareness must begin early to truly develop the next generation of STEM leaders and innovators. Join Career In STEM Founder & CEO Ashley Pereira with  Innovation World podcast hosts Juli Shivley and Carmine Denisco in their discussion of the […]

Turning Students’ Interests into Careers: Podcast
Looking for distance learning ideas? Check out this InnovateCT Professional Development Podcast featuring Career In STEM Owner Ashley Pereira and Liz Radday of Skills21. Get the inside scoop on their innovative approaches to STEM career development for teens using online platforms:
How to make every lesson a STEM career lesson

According to a 2019 Gallup poll, Not Just a Job: New Evidence on the Quality of Work in the United States, only 40% of employed Americans are in “good jobs,” meaning they expressed high satisfaction across 10 important job characteristics (flexibility, pay, and so on). Researchers found that while most workers in good and mediocre […]

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