Resources abound when it comes to science teaching, but time does not! Todays’ teachers are massively overloaded, and every second counts. While an abundance of resources is seemingly a good thing, browsing through countless websites in search of ideas for your classroom takes an enormous amount of time. Below are two one-stop-shops for science teachers. These awesome sites have synthesized many of the top science teaching resources and put them into a central location. All are free, searchable by a wide variety of options, and aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards. Check them out, and maybe you will save so much time that you won’t have to work this weekend!

  1. PBS Learning Media
  2. CK-12
  3. BetterLesson
  4. Exploratorium
  5. TeachersPayTeachers

While there are many more that could be added to this list, these are some of my favorites that will serve as excellent starting points. Did you try one of these resources? Do you have one that should be included on the list? Leave us a comment!