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A must have for any of your high school or college outreach activities! The STEM Career Guide is essentially a mini onboarding manual, custom created for the specific workforce needs of your company. Showcase what you do, help teens discover if the field is right for them, and provide entry-level workers with the next step. Fill out the form to the right to download a sample STEM Career Guide.


Get listed in the world’s only online tool to connect teens with STEM employers. Each day over 6,000 teens come to Career In STEM to explore careers. A licensed STEM educator will create a custom directory listing for your company, optimized to engage our teenage audience. Package also includes unlimited opportunities – post all the internships, events, etc. that you desire! BONUS: Now through August 2019 get a FREE embed code for your listing! Add it to your company website to help teens and entry level workers make more informed career decisions. Fill out the form to the right to view a sample listing.

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