Option A - Summer Camp Affiliates:

We are currently accepting affiliate applications for our 2019 online summer camp programs.

  1. Sign up to be an affiliate HERE and complete the simple form.
  2. Once your application is approved you are given a unique coupon code to use when referring potential students.
  3. You earn 25% commission on any student who enrolls using your code.
  • zero costs

    it is 100% free to join the affiliate program, with no hidden fees

  • selective program

    a very limited number of affiliates are approved per state to maximize your success

  • bonuses and rewards

    earn special incentives, exclusive webinars, free educator resources, and more

  • free enrollment

    any of your children can enroll in one camp of their choice, free!

Option B - Regional Affiliates:

Get your own Career In STEM subdomain fully customized to meet the needs of your constituents, plus earn 90% commission on all sales generated through your subdomain. Ideal for STEM coalitions and national scope nonprofits and businesses looking to be an authoritative source of STEM career information. See an example here.

Pricing = $2,000 one time initial set up fee, then $1,000 USD per month

  • no maintenance

    we take care of all website updates, customizations, optimizations, etc.

  • selective program

    a very limited number of regional affiliates are approved per country to maximize your success

  • excellent earning potential

    you keep 90% of all sales generated through your subdomain

Option C - Commercial Licensing

Build your business with our massive library of top rated STEM resources. Once purchased at the commercial license rate, we send you the actual resource files (Word docs, Powerpoint, etc.). You own the resource permanently and can use it in any way you choose, keeping 100% of profits. Minimum order size of $1000.

Individual License PriceCommercial License Price
Under $1$75 each
$1 to $3$155 each
$3.01 to $5$500 each
$5.01 to $10$1000 each
$10.01 to $20$2500 each
Over $20$5000 each