Scholarships for STEM

There were nearly 8.6 million STEM jobs in May 2015 (BLS 2016), with many STEM occupations enjoying continued growth and increased demand. To maintain national competitiveness and fill the millions of new job openings in STEM, many scholarship opportunities exist to encourage students to pursue science, technology, engineering, or mathematics as a college major. Below is a list of the top four resources to find and win STEM scholarships:

1. FASTWEB STEM Field Scholarships

With a database of over 1.5 million scholarship opportunities, Fastweb has been a leader in the world of scholarships for over a decade. I used it back when I was in high school! Browse through this list of STEM-specific scholarships ranging from the Astronaut Scholarship in Science and Technology, Women in Wireless Communications Scholarship, and many more. Each entry includes the scholarship name, award amount, deadline, eligibility criteria, summary of the opportunity, and link to read more.


US News and World Report is a trusted name in identifying top educational resources and institutions, including the best STEM scholarships. Although heavily laden with ads, this list breaks down STEM scholarships into useful categories such as scholarships that are open to all STEM students, scholarships for specific minorities or underrepresented groups, scholarships for specific STEM disciplines, and even opportunities for students already in college.

3. SCHOLARSHIPS.COM Science Scholarships

Of all the websites on this list, this one by is the largest and most comprehensive list of STEM scholarships available. Each of the hundreds of STEM scholarships on this page are conveniently organized in alphabetical order including scholarship name, application deadline, award amount, summary of the opportunity, link to apply, and contact information. I also love this list because it is ad free!

4. Big List of STEM Scholarships

As mentioned in my previous post about college prep resources for STEM majors, Pinterest is a wealth of useful information when it comes to finding STEM scholarships. Check out this Scholarships for STEM board, including nearly 100 resources to help you not only find STEM scholarships, but win them! Popular pins include the largest scholarships in America, college scholarship application do’s and don’ts, and 44 college scholarships you never knew existed.

5. STEM Scholarship Finder Tool

Maintained by Nitro College, this handy interactive resource was created specifically for the 2018-2019 academic year, and allows students to sort through over 65 scholarships available to individuals pursuing degrees in STEM-related fields. Check out this awesome STEM Scholarship Finder tool here. The page is also packed with other useful information needed for any STEM major, including other ways to pay for college, tips for preparing your scholarship application, resources for STEM students, and much more!


Together with these STEM scholarship resources and a solid academic track record, you will be well on your way to earning the funding you need for the STEM degree of your dreams 🙂