Engage with teens interested in STEM

Sponsor a STEM Challenge!

Each month Career In STEM hosts a STEM Career Challenge in partnership with industry leaders.

Each challenge is one month in duration, and thematic in nature (ex: video games, drones, veterinary science, etc.).

Our challenges bridge the divide between school and work, with the unmatched capability to build STEM talent pipelines.

What you get...

Connect with your future talent, today.

  • reach STEM majors, future STEM workers, and upcoming Gen Z consumers without doing ANYTHING
  • students interact with your content as part of a classroom assignment – a captive and motivated audience!
  • you are not shown as a sponsor – just a required part of the classroom assignment
  • build relationships with the nation’s finest upcoming STEM talent through judging and/or online Challenge forums
  • when Challenge ends, content is posted for lifetime access in our Academy for subscribing students and Districts

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September: Video Game Design Challenge (BOOKED – NOT AVAILABLE)

October: Space Challenge (BOOKED – NOT AVAILABLE)

November: Sustainability Challenge (AVAILABLE)

December: Computer Science (AVAILABLE)