Four Fun, Free St. Patrick’s Day STEM Activities!

With many schools closed, you’re sure to be searching for fun activities to do at home. Well, look no further! These four STEM activities are quick and easy to put together, are free, and will help you celebrate the holiday – STEM style!

1. Screen-Free Coding Activity
Requiring just a box of Lucky Charms cereal, this activity comes with a printable sheet that helps teach young’uns about coding. Though simple graphing and sequencing using the cereal as manipulatives, this game helps young learners get an introductory idea of what coding is!

2. “To Catch a Leprechaun” Game
This lesson encourages players to hone their design and engineering skills to come up with different ways to safely trap a leprechaun and get his pot of gold! The game teaches mechanical, creative, and critical thinking skills – all necessary skills for many STEM careers! A full lesson plan is included. Most appropriate for grades K-5.

3. Floating Pots of Gold
How many pieces of gold can your ‘pot’ hold? Try this fun STEM activity to see! Using simple materials, students apply concepts of buoyancy, engineering, and weight/measurement. develop mechanical and creative thinking skills. Build a pot out of household or classroom items to carry as many gold coins (pennies) as possible, but don’t let it sink! Works best with students over the age of 7.

4. Lucky Charms Catapults
Similar to the coding activity above, this game requires a box of Lucky Charms, as well as some popsicle sticks, rubber bands and plastic spoons. After building the catapult (instructions here), you’re free to launch your Lucky Charms into a tiny pot of gold or a bowl with milk for a midday snack! A fun engineering design challenge for grades 4 and up.

Career In STEM also offers plenty of activities for parents and teachers to use. Check out what we have to offer, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!