Summer Camps & Afterschool

All 100% online!

Every student deserves

the opportunity to have an enriching learning experience that develops critical 21st century skills. Through innovative online summer camps and after school programs, CareerInSTEM offers middle and high school students an engaging and fun learning experience from the comforts and convenience of home – or anywhere!

Our STEM programs

get students active, engaged, and exploring through home-based labs, scavenger hunts, projects, and much more. Facilitated by licensed STEM educators, each program consists of six lessons, and is designed to be completed any time, anywhere. Share and collaborate, learn new things, and explore STEM careers in an affordable and flexible online STEM program from CareerInSTEM!


Each program is one month long and is designed to be completed any time, anywhere. Collaborate in an online learning environment to gain the skills and one-on-one guidance you need for your future STEM career! Like an afterschool program, but 100% online!


Save big with group discounts - NEW

We work with many schools and nonprofits, and one thing we hear time and time again is that they want to do more for career exploration, especially in STEM, but simply do not have enough time. Things need to be ‘covered’, funds are limited, and qualified STEM educators are in short supply. To combat these issues and promote equal access to experiential STEM learning experiences, CareerInSTEM now offers deep group discounts for all summer camp and afterschool programs.

How It Works

Step 1

Enroll – join us for one, or for all 9! To enroll click the ‘view details’ button on the event listings above for the program(s) of your choice, or sign up through Eventbrite.

Step 2

When the course begins, students receive a daily learning menu. Students complete lessons whenever and wherever they want, with guidance and support from their personal Career Coach.

Step 3

Students submit progress and assignments to their Career Coach. Career Coach provides feedback, evaluation, and individualized coaching.

Step 4

Upon successful completion, students earn a digital badge for each lesson as well as an overall course badge for final capstone project.

It Works!

100% of students would recommend to a friend. Read more.