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Career In STEM is not just our name, it is what we help you obtain. Because our life’s work is helping you find yours, we offer this challenge and scholarship to put you on the fast track to your future STEM career, today.

Do you know what a mechatronics engineer does? How about a biofuels processing technician? These are just two of the many STEM careers that are available. The first step in knowing what you want to be when you grow up is knowing what careers exist. The purpose of this contest is to do precisely that – help you see what careers are out there!

How to Enter:

Complete the STEM Career Scavenger Hunt, where you will explore different STEM careers and record your findings. >>Click here to play!


Everyone who completes the STEM Career Scavenger Hunt by April 10, 2019 is eligible for the spring scholarship. Simply mark the box on the online Scavenger Hunt form that you wish to be included in the scholarship contest.

DETAILS: Entries for the fall scholarship closed November 10, 2018 and winner was announced in early December. Follow us for news and announcements. Only fully complete STEM Scavenger Hunt entries will be considered. Funds from this scholarship can be used to support college/trade school tuition, online coursework, educational materials, or entrepreneurial endeavors. Awards may vary per season:

Spring 2019 Award: Career Pathways Academy Scholarships (50)

Fall 2019 Award: $500 cash (1)

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FALL 2018: Alisha LaBuda - Phoenix, AZ >>click to read more

SPRING 2018: Cheyenne Darden - Happy Camp, CA >>click to read more

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