“I liked the hands-on activities we did where the assignments required us to use materials around our own house to create something to complete the work. I like that type of thing because it’s original and you don’t see those types of homework assignments given out in real school. Also I feel like that type of work can give a student a deeper understanding of the subject.”

2017 Space Camp Student

“I am a STEM teacher and love this resource! It provides my students with real life applications and jobs that they could pursue in the future.”

Stephanie P., STEM Teacher

“I never heard of a lot of these careers before, so it is cool. I am excited to learn about careers I never even knew existed. Thank you for all these free resources. I will definitely tell my friends to check this out.”

Shannon, 9th Grade Student

“I just can’t tell you how relieved I am to find a STEM curriculum like this. You’ve made my job a ton easier and I look forward to using this!”

TpT Buyer

“Its really a thought provoking course.”

Aimen, Career Pathways Academy (STEM Career Bootcamp) student

“I am learning things I have never learned in schools, which is what I was hoping for in this course. Thanks!”

Nelson, Career Pathways Academy (STEM Career Bootcamp) student

“So often students default to careers they are familiar with. CareersInSTEM exposes students to many different careers, and encourages them to think outside the nurse/lawyer/vet box. Plus I love that everything is aligned with the NGSS. It helps me to view the standards from a different lens and make my lessons more relevant for students.”

Don, 7th Grade Science Teacher

As the Director of Education at Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame, I used this game at a recent event promoting STEM careers for middle and high school girls. They were very engaged, had great conversation about STEM careers, and couldn’t stop laughing! Thanks for the great resource!”

Lena, Director of Education 
CT Women’s Hall of Fame

“This project has great potential for contributing to the science and engineering workforce, and is innovative and exciting. As a long-term science educator, I have noticed that career exploration is usually the last thing taught in a school year, when everyone, it seems, has run out of steam with the regularly taught science content. Students are left to flounder once they get into college, having no ideas about career options or pathways. The earlier we get the information to school students, the better informed they are to make wise career choices, and pay attention to their studies in mathematics, science, and the technology areas that may affect their future career path. CareerInSTEM can help in all of these aspects.”

Dr. Jeanelle Day, Chair – Department of Education, Eastern CT State University

“Its well organized and a systematic way for me to discover my career options. I like the way it is presented in simple terms I can understand. the course has been easy to navigate, I need to make only a few clicks to get to the next part. I write my answers to small questions right here in the course. The feedback comes back really fast too. The exercises were easy to do and pretty useful.”

Brindha, Career Pathways Academy (STEM Career Bootcamp) student


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