I am a 6th grader and just wanted to say that I love this website. -Matthew, Middle School Student from Wisconsin

Career Fair - NYC

I never knew that STEM could be so many things. I am excited to learn more and will be back to explore. Thank you! – Roberto, Student from Texas

I love everything I have gotten from your store. Well planned out lessons and engaging material. – Schyler, Middle School Science Teacher

These lessons have been great to use with my 6th grade Computer Skills students to infuse STEM into the curriculum with so little time to do so! Super clear. Students can guide themselves with little help while learning about careers! – Darlene, Middle School Computer Science Teacher

I would like to thank you for all of the new things I learned on this site, very educational. Don’t stop doing your job we will always need you. – Esperanza, Student from New York City

I have curated content since ‘94 and analyzed many resources. Yours is among the best I’ve seen. Just want to say, “Bravo!’”. – Michele, CTE Teacher from Arkansas

Partnering with local scientists
Citizen Science with elementary students

Incredible resource and my students loved it! – Carissa, STEM Teacher

Ashley is easy to listen to and easy to learn from. Fantastic information. Thank you so much for all your hard work Ashley!! – Calista, Instructional Coach from California

I like how all the activities were hands on. Way different than what I usually do in school. I enjoyed this Challenge! – Josh, Space Camp Challenge Student

This is so practical and helpful! I’m already discovering ways to put the information into practice. – Jill, Gifted & Talented Teacher

Using with my gifted and talented students. They are so much more engaged – I can’t tell you how glad I am to have found this! – Stephanie, STEM Teacher


I am trying to do one STEM activity for each unit during the year. I really liked learning more about the 5E system that you used in your activities especially the engaged part that is related to a career. – Yucel, Career Readiness Teacher from Russia

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