Chemical engineers are a creative bunch.

They create and use chemicals in so many new and innovative ways, making the world a cleaner, healthier, more vibrant place. So what are some of the most amazing discoveries of chemical engineering? Right now, the MIT Chemical Engineering Department is working on a host of mind-blowing projects, from new ways to fight pollution to breatheable workout suits. New discoveries are being made each day, pushing the boundaries of what we ever thought possible.

But there are also seemingly ‘simple’ chemical engineering discoveries that have completely changed the world as we know it. And you might have not even thought of some of them as chemicals! Here is a list of the top 10 chemical engineering discoveries of the modern era, according to chemical engineers:


While not as ‘exciting’ as a workout suit made from living cells, these chemical engineering discoveries have saved countless lives and added tremendous value to the entire human race, forever altering the course of history. Not bad for your day job, right?

Do you agree with these top 10? Are there chemicals you think should have been on this list? Leave us a comment and share your ideas!

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